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Sep 19, 2023
Vive le Vin
Tickets are now officially on sale for the in-person Vive le Vin event to be held Saturday, November 4th.  Sunrisers are required to purchase a minimum of two tickets each, but of course we’d like you to sell many many more! A reminder to bring in your donation of a bottle of wine to help us stock our wine fridge to be raffled off that evening, and to reach out to your networks for tickets sales and raffle prizes.
Dine with the Author
On Thursday, September 28th, the Rotary Club of Sudbury is proud to host its ninth literacy gala event featuring Sudbury’s very own Terry Ames, who will be launching his book Living Your Best Life – Your guide to beating Cancer or Preventing it in the First Place.  Joining Terry will be Dr. Lacey Pitre, an oncologist from Health Sciences North (HSN). For tickets ($125), contact Joanne Bowers at 705-561-5998.
Community Service
Chair Dawn Condon is inviting Sunrisers to help out at the following events:
Sunday, October 1st; 9:00 am -- Junction Creek Painting the Yellow Fish Road
Volunteers will paint yellow fish on area storm sewers, to hopefully prevent dumping of toxic substances.
Sunday, October 8th; 4:00 pm – Approximately 10 volunteers are needed to help serve Thanksgiving dinner at the Elgin St. Mission.
Executive Meeting Summary
Your Executive Committee met September 5th. Discussion centred around the format for the 2023 Vive le Vin event and other fundraising opportunities that evening. Also discussed was the possibility of a Paul Harris event in spring or fall 2024. Suggested recipients include Dr. Verma, President of NOSM University or Randy Pascal, local sports reporter, and statistician. It was agreed that our Youth Exchange student, Lea Blodin will present as part of our Club Assembly on Thursday, September 28th. Finally, a new bulletin committee has been created to encourage members to attend meetings and engage in community service activities.
Greetings from your new District Governor to you friendly Rotarians. Welcome to a new Rotary fiscal year. Welcome new Presidents and your boards. We have a new Rotary International President, Jennifer Jones, our first woman in this role from Windsor, Ontario!  Happy Canada Day.
At last week’s meeting Sunrisers welcomed Juanita Hodgson, District Governor for 2023-2024. Click here to read DGN Sandi’s poetic intro. Juanita provided an overview of Rotary International themes and goals for this year which include diversity, equity and inclusion, succession planning, prioritizing mental health and continuing to promote peace and ending polio. At the District level, Juanita encouraged Sunrisers to “Live Your Legacy” by participating in and contributing to Rotary committees and activities as these will have positive impacts both locally and internationally.
From Juanita herself:
Home safely and I wanted to take a moment to say a very big thank you for making time to spend with me. I love your passion, the collaboration and the commitment to service above self. Thank you for the opportunity to share fellowship and the kind gifts. 
The message from RI President Gordon is so very easy for us to fulfil this year. 'Create Hope in the World’ is what we do as Rotarians. Please know that we are here at District to elevate the work the Clubs are doing, should you need anything, please connect with us! Stay well until we meet again!

We meet Thursdays at 7:15am at the Northbury Hotel, 50 Brady Street, Sudbury. Guests and new members are most welcome!

Upcoming Speakers
The BEST way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
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